Roadtrip Australia: NSW – SYDNEY!

Roadtrip Australia: Van-Tastic Adventures New South Wales Kirsty and Carly make it to Sydney on their Van-Tastic NSW roadtrip adventure. Check out their amazing accommodation at Wake Up!, visit Cockatoo Island (Sydneys best kept accommodation secret!), see them learn to surf on world famous Bondi Beach, and then climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. See our photos and read our journals at, or tweet with us @vantasticnsw. We also recommend you look up the places & tour operators mentioned in this video Subscribe to our channel & stay tuned for more Van-Tastic Adventures all over NSW for the next 6 weeks! courtesy of

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Azadoota – 2012 Illawarra Folk Festival Preview Concert in Sydney

Azadoota playing at the Illawarra Folk Festival Sydney Preview, Empire Hotel, Annandale, Sydney.

[Fancam] Jay Park – Girlfriend – Jay Park Live in Sydney 2012

Jay Park – Girlfriend – 29092012 Jay Park Live in Sydney, Australia

Question by Qiling: I’m planning to study abroad in Sydney, around North Ryde & Macquarie Park. Is the vicinity safe and alright?

Moreover, what do I have to look out @ Sydney Airport?

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Answer by janelle
Yes North Ryde is an upper middle class area. Never hear of much crime going on around there. Macquarie Park has a massive shopping mall – ice rink – everything that you will need. I dont know what your Sydney Airport question means…Anyway, you can get on a train from the airport to the city of Sydney and then catch a bus to North Ryde. There is no train station there. You should be fine and in quite a nice part of Sydney.

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Top 5 Hostels In Sydney

Best Deals On Hostels In Sydney – Discover the top hostels in Sydney Australia, as rated by our past customers who have actually stayed at these. You are able to find Sydney hostels near Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House. You are guaranteed to have the best deals on cheap and budget accommodation in Sydney. Cheap Sydney Hostels –

Cake Art Challenge 2012 – Cake Decorators’ Guild of NSW

The Cake Decorators’ Guild of NSW invites you to the CAKE ART CHALLENGE 2012 challenge in a competition and expo of Cake decorating and Sugar Art – its at the Mercure Sydney Parramatta Hotel 106 Hassel Street, Rosehill NSW Expo is on Saturday 18th August 2012 – 9am – 5pm Sunday 19th August 2012 – 9am – 3pm Entry is Gold Coin Donationn – with donation going to Charity An Event Not to Be Missed!

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Kumpnee TV Episode 2. Ronnie and Josh head to The Roxy Hotel, Parramatta, Sydney to check out NZ Groups Nesian Mystik – and Three Houses Down – For more info, music, biography and photos of The Kumpnee head over and become a fan on our facebook page

Site Remediation of Contaminated Soil Excavation and site remediation of contaminated soil at John Hein & Sons – Edgar Road, Condell Park, Sydney, Australia

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Bourke Street Cycleway: more cafe & restaurants fail!

Resident’s survey reveals on the Bourke st cycleway in just half klm, nine cafe or restaurants for lease or sale. In reality the bike path has not been a real boost to café.Many of the premises were promoted by Sydney City Council through competitions and prizes.It’s in the heart of the Surry Hills cafe society area thats dying. The survey revealed that the loss of dozens of on street car spaces has created road rage from residents look for a car park after work & restaurant patrons needing a park while dining. Bourke St has been narrowed for the cycleway and its a negative, the survey reveals.Simply put: the failure of the Bourke St Cycleway to attract the numbers of bikers has not come about. These were the customers to boost business along the route! The cycleway has put many businesses to the wall. As well hyped up owners increased rents but there were not enough customers to cover costs.

NSW Australia, North and Central Coast

URL: Need accomodation in Sydney Click here Planning a holiday in NSW Australia? Why not travel up the coast visiting such places as The Entrance, Nelson Bay Forster and Coffs Harbour. Please click on Holiday in Central Coast new South Wales The Entrance Coffs harbour Coffs harbour Port Stephens Sydney Australia Newcastle beaches surfing fun accommodation whales dolphins lakes canoes Australia how to get there hotels caravans value for money accommodation apartments best site news tropical sharks coral South Wales government get away swimming pools families movies crocodile Dundee Dubbo orange Bathurst blue mountains boating boats fishing skiing parachuting bicycles, cycling, snorkelling safe enjoy For the visitor, New South Wales (NSW) is filled with a never-ending diversity of places to explore that range from the great rural places, to the snow-capped peaks of the snowy mountains to the coastal regions and not forgetting the exciting city of Sydney which all offer a range of historical experiences. Traveling north from Sydney we come across a number of scenic and beautiful destinations such as Coffs Harbour, Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, The Entrance and Forster. Moving along west you can travel over the blue mountain to rural New South Wales, where

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Question by Alissa: can someone please help me translate these sentences into Spanish (the Spain version- not Latin Spanish)?

I would appreciate some help but please don’t answer unless you truly know the correct translations. The word choice and such does not have to be identical to the sentences below but just the same general concepts at least. Any help is greatly appreciated, even if you only have time for a few sentences. thanks so much!!!

I had many problems on my way to Australia.
First, I did not receive my passport and visa until the day before I left home.
Then when I arrived in the airport in los angeles, I called the lady from the organization that I was meeting but her phone was off and I could not get a hold of her.
I was very scared then because I had no way of getting around.
I did not fly to Australia until the next day so I really needed to get a hold of the lady.
Luckily, when I was getting my luggage from the luggage area, the lady found me.
The rest of the day, we visited places in los angeles.
That night me and another girl going to Australia stayed in a hotel room in los angeles.
The next day we went to universal studios.
That night we went to the airport.
Our flight to Australia was scheduled for 10 pm.
We boarded our plane and were excited to be leaving the US.
However, we faced a problem.
Two hours into our flight, the pilot’s voice came on over the intercom.
He told us that we had to turn around and go back to los angeles because one of the plane’s engines was sparking.
Everyone was in a panic.
When we safely got back to Los Angeles we received vouchers to stay in a hotel and the itinerary for a new flight for the next day.
The next morning we waited outside our hotel for a shuttle to the airport.
After waiting for almost(nearly) 2 hours, a man came to us.
He told us that there was a bomb threat at LAX so no shuttles would be going to or from the airport until further notice.
We made it to the airport a couple hours later but our flight was still on schedule so we had to run to the terminal.
This time our flight to Australia was a success.
We missed the first day of our orientation in Sydney because of the technical difficulties of our first flight.
My bad luck did not end there though.
My second night in Sydney, I woke up and felt very sick.
I had no energy and I had a sore throat and swollen glands.
I was sick for the next three weeks.
I eventually found out that I had mononucleosis.
Also, I ended up having to live with 3 different families because the first two did not work out.
The last bad luck I had was when I sprained my ankle and ended up having to get surgery when I got back home.
Luckily, my bad luck pretty much ended there.

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Answer by dart
You have a lot of homework to get on!

I’m not doing your homework! I wouldn’t do it ANYWAY!! But doing a whole full page essay for you….that’s just CHEATING in the WORST way!

Do you think you’re fooling someone by calling it “sentences”? Cause, when you put that into a paragraph….it’s a paragraph…it’s so obviously your homework.

what do you think you are learning by doing this?

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Imperial Hotel Paddington Grand Re-Opening Night

The Official Grand Re-Opening Party – Video of the Night of Celebrations

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Oaks Maestri, Sydney One Bedroom

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