~!★☣Australia Day Sydney Shuffle Meetup 2011☣★!~ [SONGLIST RELEASED]

Yep, it was that time of year again, Australia Day annual Shuffle Meetup. We moved to Hyde Park because we were listed on rangers in darling harbour, but oh well, we still had an awesome day of shuffling =D All music, sound effects, or any third party content belong to the respected owners unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved This video was made for entertainment purposes only, no copyright intended. Crews featured: BL//Bass Lunatix Chaos Nerd HSF//Hardstyle Freaks HSI//Hardstyle Intoxicated BN//Bass Nation *LOH//Legion Of Hardstyle *SHS//Sydney Hardstylers if i have missed anyone, i am very sorry, also, i was only there for half of the meetup, therefore not getting all the footage because my battery died, sorry again. if your in the video, feel free to let me know who you are as i don’t know everyone who was there LOL and you didnt see yourself in the video, i am very sorry, again also, please tell me if any crews were missing from that day Thanks to: Timps for bringing his massive amps, they were loud as awesome =D Timps, and other people (sorry i didnt know exactly who) for organising this great event And everyone else who came along. It was an awesome day!!! =D It’s been a decade,(has it? :L) of dedication. Lets keep our shuffling up for next events aye? ;D Comment, Like and Subscribe :D songlist at 50 subs .D SONGLIST: DJ Gostosa – Sutra Max Enforcer – Gold Mike Phobos – Hard & Holy Coone – Million Miles Toneshifterz – Nightscape Scope DJ – Househeads DBSTF

Question by LesFillesAudace: Going to Australia -Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns… (is this a good schedule? tips please!)?

Well, my mom and I are going to Australia in late July – Early August for 2 weeks.
We’ve decided to visit Melbourne, Sydney, and Cairns, based on the amount of time we have
Well, this is our schedule for visiting, and any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

P.S. We’re American, and I am 14 yrs old.

July 30th: Arrive MEL

July 31st: Markets, etc. (anything else? Which markets are good?)

August 1st: 1 day Great Ocean Road Tour

August 2nd: Eureka 88 Sky Deck, Royal Botanical Gardens, St. Kilda

August 3rd: Drive to Phillip Island

August 4th: Travel by train to Sydney

August 5th: Sydney Harbour, Sydney Opera House, Ferry to Manly

August 6th: Circular Quay, Saturday Markets, Darling Harbour

August 7th: Fort Dennison, Climb the Harbour Bridge, The Rocks, Centennial Park

August 8th: Blue Mountains (tour)

August 9th: Plane to Cairns

August 10th: Great Barrier Reef, Parasailing (my mother can’t swim that well, so we’re not doing snorkeling)

August 11th: Train to Kuranda, Kuranda

August 12th: Tully River white-water rafting

August 13th: (not sure yet)

August 14th: Plane to SFO

Best answer:

Answer by Liam..
Seems pretty full on, I hope you have checked the times. The Great Ocean road is usually at least a 2 day trip, so you won’t see much in 1 day, the same goes for Philip Island, if you go to see the penguins, (if they are nesting at the moment) then you won’t get back to the CBD until very late, and your train leaves about 7am for Sydney, unless you are taking the sleeper at 7pm.
Have a good time, I hope the weather is not too bad for you, and the volcanos allow you to fly in.

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  1. CrutialProductions says:

    lmao dude fell..Nice video


  2. ABN1126 says:

    @Lolcanshufflex3 haha pretty funny but that happens to everyone:) nice shuffling video. its too damn fun!!!!

  3. wayne0911 says:

    i want to go next year.. how do you find out location??
    obvs at a later date?

  4. SwitzerlandHD says:

    Don’t need a songlist lol those songs are the base of Hardstyle :)

  5. Lolcanshufflex3 says:

    @ABN1126 i was waiting for someone to mention that.

  6. ABN1126 says:

    LMAO at 8:51

  7. 09HARDSTYLE09 says:

    @Blinkzor hahahahaahhhaa

  8. Roses4Zion says:

    Next Meet?

  9. mizzsicilia says:

    OMG im sooo freaking coming to this next year!!! hope i have my phaties made by then :) :D if not ill just have to rock up with my fluffies in the middle of summer:D ahahah that should be funn!!!! cnt w8:) woot woot:)

  10. rokkakubeatJet says:

    9:14 LOL fags doing jumpstyle in phats. NOT COOL.

  11. Blinkzor says:

    @Lolcanshufflex3 twisted :-)

  12. Lolcanshufflex3 says:

    @Quickreactions1 lol probs not :P

  13. Quickreactions1 says:

    @Lolcanshufflex3 the only in ireland is tomorrow and 1 5 days after any of use comin??? ;)

  14. Lolcanshufflex3 says:

    @Quickreactions1 there was one yesterday :P

  15. Quickreactions1 says:

    whens next 1?

  16. Sargethepyromaniac says:

    @Gamfreek462 Because people can’t shuffle to save their lives these days =[.

  17. EditingLime says:

    1:29 xD

  18. Lolcanshufflex3 says:

    @Blinkzor what the hell is wrong with you

  19. Blinkzor says:

    do the people there also do cocain and pop a few pills or is this just for 14 year olds?

  20. gordykidd001 says:

    song list please =]

  21. Gamfreek462 says:

    What’s with the 1 stepping?

  22. Sargethepyromaniac says:

    @TheInstinctDj Don’t be offensive towards chickens

  23. xProQuickScoperx says:

    @iain1220 IKR!!! Exactly what i think!

  24. xProQuickScoperx says:

    This one step shit sucks ass omg, the guy at 2:02 by far the best ihn the white shoes and shorts, black hoodie and white flat cap. Hes so calm and smooth, thumbs up if you all agree :D

  25. StaticReaperX says:

    Whats with the 1-step? Changed through the years?

  26. Dan Collyer says:

    I would have to agree, that traveling up through the eastern states I would allow for more time. There will be heaps to do on the great barrier reef even if your mum cannot swim and you will also get some great deals in cairns on tours as the market is struggling a little. I work for a dive company here in Cairns and should be able to help you with any en quires you have in regards to cairns. If you want to contact me for advise just visit http://www.divedirectory.com.au and send me an email.


    Dan :)

  27. Old_But_Not_wise says:

    1) you cannot do the Great Ocean Road in a single day from Melbourne unless you intend to do a full 24hr drive.

    2) combine Eureka Skydeck with Victoria Markets. As both are in the city, you can do them both in a few hours.

    3) Circular Quay is on Sydney Harbour, and adjacent to the Opera House, and The Rocks. You also catch the Manly Ferry from there…which will go past Fort Dennison. Can you actually set foot on Fort Dennison? I thought it was restricted to only a single day each year. Anyway, do all those things together.

    4) Harbour Bridge takes a long time to do…mainly all the safety regimen. Combine the day with Darling Harbour.

    5) I cannot see how you will make Centennial Park (and why you would not go to Bondi Beach since you are out that way) in the tie you have available. Saying that, when you visit the Opera House, you can walk in the adjacent Royal Botanical Gardens….which is much prettier than Centennial Park, and on the Harbour to boot.

    6) your Queensland plan is good, and doable in the time frame you have given. Just make sure that whilst in Kuranda you take the skylift over the forest (and back if you are taking the train back to Cairns). Also visit the butterfly park in town.

    7) is there a plane from Cairns to SFO? That is news to me. If not, I imagine August 13 will be a flight to Sydney or Brisbane to catch your flight/s to SFO

    Have fun!

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